Modelling for Excellence

RGS Learning

[by John Smithand Celia Bone]

How do we modelanswerswithout crushing creativity?

This question seems to go to the heart of everyday teaching: the balance between prompting and telling.I think ofmodellingas a continuum and I do not considerone end of the spectrum more valuable than the other. It depends on the nature of the task or topic.

modelling continuumI hope Ken Robinson is not reading when I say: there arecertain topics in my own subject of Maths where creativity is the last thing I want! For example, when teaching Solving Linear Equations in Year 7, we have a ‘house style’ ofmodelling the topic that I expect all teachers to follow. I believe we are doing the students a dis-service if we do not provide them with the formal “Maths Toolkit” needed to approach harder problems in the future. The highly prescriptive teacher-modelling approach workswell for tasks with a closed outcome. However…

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